The Registration Procedures

The mark in all its stages:
1- Present an application to examine a trade mark (application to examine a trademark form by the registration applicant).
2- The registrar orders to investigate to be sure if there is or there is not a mark (similar, identical or close) to the registered marks or the marks presented by applications under consideration.
3- Present an application to register the mark ( an application to register a mark form )
4- The registrar orders to search within the marks registered with him and the mark presented by applications under consideration of the types and the materials requested to be registered for the presented mark by an application to be sure that there is no a mark identical or similar to the presented mark to the degree that results an ambiguity.
5- After the completion of the search the registrar informs the applicant of the absolute or restricted acceptance.
6- The registrar in the case of initial acceptance of the mark has to announce in three successive issues of the trademarks and geographical indications bulletin and person concerned may present to the registrar within 90 days of the last announcement a written notification of his objection to register the mark.
7- The owner of the mark will be granted, as soon as the completion of its registration, a certificate includes the data stated in the bulletin mentioned before.
8- If the mark wasn’t registered within ( 6 months ) from the date of the application because a default of the applicant , the registrar may inform him in writing to complete its registration within the period stated in the regulation issued according to this law otherwise he was considered as abandoned of registration application .

- The registration procedures may start from the stage No. 1 or no. 3
- The ownership of the trademark may be transferred (mark ownership transfer application form), mortgaged or attached (Mark mortgage, attachment application form) with the commercial store or that part of the commercial store connected between the use and what it indicates to.
- The mark is transferred according to the commercial store ownership unless agreed otherwise and if the commercial store ownership was transferred without the mark ,the ownership transferor has the right to continue in the production of the products the mark registered on , and trading with them unless agreed upon contrary with that
- The cancelled mark is not registered again by the name of other than its owner for the same period unless at least one year passed from the date of its cancellation.
- The registration cancellation and its renewal must be announced according to the way decided by the regulation.
- The registrar may perform any amendment on the register if this amendment requires to correct a mistake or to fill some disturbing void , when it is approved what justifies that ;
- The mark owner may grant a licenses ( mark licensees application form ) any natural individual or more or an artificial entity to use his mark on all or some of the products on which the mark registered, this given license is not granted to other than the owner to use the mark unless otherwise agreed upon.
- It is not stipulated to prove the legality of the mark or the adherence of the right in it towards the other the transfer record or the license of the mark transferred or licensed to him.






- The protection period of the mark is ten years renewable (mark renewal application form) for the same period according to an application presents during the last year and according to the following regulations after paying the imposed fees.
- The mark owner may apply to renew it within six months after its termination in exchange of paying the imposed fees and the additional fees fixed in the regulations otherwise the registrar may cancel the mark from the register
- The registrar, according to the application form presented by the owner of the registered mark on the

Basis of the decided form:
1- To correct any mistake in the mark owner registered name or his address ( mark owner name changing application for ) or the owner address
2- To register any change happens to the registered individual name or the mark owner address
3- To cancel what he wishes of the goods on which the trademark was registered .( mark registered material & types cancellation application form )
4- To register any abandonment or any memorandum related to a mark if the abandonment or that memo. Doesn’t increase the rights that authorized by the registration of that mark.
5- To cancel the registration of any mark written down in the register in his name ( mark cancellation application form )